Holiday cheer time of year

Yuletide is a time of year for appreciation, generosity, kindness, magic, love, and all those other warm feeling moods. There are many ways to take part, I just hope that you do. Regardless of your religious & political beliefs, this is a time of year in our American culture to embrace the diversity that makes America so special. Be kind to each other. Tolerate those that are different than yourself. Display affection and generosity, in whatever ways you are able to. Spread and share in the holiday spirit.

Spread holiday cheer this year, volunteer, donate, connect  

Spread holiday cheer this year, volunteer, donate, connect
It’s the holiday cheer time of year


Below are some links to local ( Seattle area ) organizations and communities that reach out and help spread cheer during the holiday season. The holidays are a great reminder that we are all part of this world, we all have joys and sorrows, success and failure stories…..we all share some type of common ground.

The giving tree at Pike Place Market
Northwest Harvest
Adopt a family or donate through United Way 
Solid Ground 
Real Change holiday Drive 
TreeHouse Spirit of Giving
Holiday Giving with HopeLink
Fund for the Needy by Seattle Times 

High comedy festival in Seattle for hempfest

Next weekend in Seattle will be pulsing¬†with hemp advocates, consumers, and the curious…with Seattle Hempfest ¬†happening, the Highlarious comedy festival and the¬†Hempfest Business Trade show. Pick one or indulge in all 3, but if you;re in Seattle next weekend and know a lil about cannabis, why not learn a little more and have a unique fun time while do it! ¬†I Love to laugh, so I’ll be checking out the comedy fest fo sho. ¬†ūüôā

a high comedy festival in Seattle
a high comedy festival in Seattle

Today is the 1st day in Washington State of retail cannabis

The legal sale of¬†#cannabis¬†in “pot stores” in¬†#Washington¬†State open to the public today. Retail Cannabis. ¬†This is a historical moment that deserves mention. While I won’t be in the frenzy , it does feel so good seeing this “dream” come into actuality. Consume and enjoy safely….and don’t forget about¬†#Industrial¬†#Hemp…¬†¬†So read something about hemp, holla at me & ask a question about industrial hemp & why it is so damn good & important we incorporate back into our daily lives.¬†


Rediscover Hemp
Hemp is a plant of sustainability, Rediscover Hemp‚Äď266211771.html